Thursday, August 18, 2011


there was alot more to last last post... ALOT MORE, my computer didnt post it.. ill write it later.



its been a couple years since ive blogged. but i kinda feel like i needa get everything out of my system. well im a junior, but i dont go to the highschool i go to trine (a alternitive school it onl goes from 8-11)

brens 18 months old :( & to big he needs to slow down /: hes so smart. he makes me so proud everyday with the things that he does you says. (he can count to 6!!)

i got a tattoo :)

its the perfect first tattoo & no its not a dead tree it a "fall" tree, theres leaves. EVERYONE asks me why i got a dead tree its perfect to me & excatly what i wan

Thursday, July 9, 2009

this is what has been happening (:

well.. im dating braxton dean legg. its been 2 months. we have our ups and down and fights but we always seem to get over it (: im 9 weeks pregnant. and yes it is braxtons. im nervous. yeah i am happy but i just dont think i am ready to go up this fast. =S.

destiny is moving in 2 weeks & im grounded like no other so she really doesnt like coming over cause' i cant do anything. it sucks.

im gonna be a freshman. ugh i dont want to be in school! summers almost over!

well thats mostly whats been going on(:

ughhhhh love you all <3

Monday, December 8, 2008

the life..

im 14 ♥:) im sooo excited. there are many things that have changed since last time i blogged.. boys,drama,drama,drama.. lol. thats all logansprot is. :)
well the 22nd i might just m i g h t be able to go to flordia. i hope i do.

i got new pics..

thats me elizebeth jasmen & kay-babii. (kayla adair. :) )

&& this is kayla stienman. :) my hottie.
thiis this a old pic thought. :P.

lexi got kicked out of school so i mostly hang out with kayla & kayla now..
but away from school i mostly hang out with lexi. but im fine with it.
well theres more but i hiave to go to bed. ♥

ill blog tommaorw.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

lilly :) ♥

lilly is having here bbys. :)its my dog just to tell youi cant wait im soo excited♥

today went good.. 3 more days bby. :) but.. i want this guy named henry tanguy to go but, mom wont let him i dont understand she let chloe bring ricky & brit to bobevens.. I JUST WANT TO GET A PIERCING. :(. & im paying for most of it too.. with my birthday mmoney. so i dont get it. i really really like henry i h ave liked henry since umm 6th grade.. i went to my 7th grade dance with him & hes soo sweet :) hes never cheated hes only been cheated on.. so he knows how it feels so he doesnt do it.. :) hes perfect ♥

so chloe hung out with adam today & i went out & talked to him & we are going to rap together since im good lol not really he just thinks i am he boosts my cofidence up :). lol hes a funny & cute guy.

i get my phone tommaorw. :) but moms just going to take it away :(. becaus eof my grade but im gonna get them up but she hasssss to take away my birthday present from my dad the one thing i wait for every month from him it sucks & with it i gat to talk & text my dad all day :( becasue i hate talking to my dad on the phone i feel so akward so i could just talk to him & it sucks but thats life...


3 more days till my birthday ♥

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

5 more days till my birthday bby :)♥

pantch matrix black & green for at&t.♥
it is a phone righ tthe it slides up & then you trun it on its side & it has a full key board. :)
[moms piercing present still better]but atleast i got to pick out my phone that i got this time wooot woot :)

the most amazing piercing♥the industrial piercing. :) love it bby. the present that my mom is taking me to get :) that is wha it looks like if anyone was wondering & im goin gto film it getting it pierced so you can watch me as i cry haha jk i wont cry ill just stream :). lol
ryan_ sheckler Pictures, Images and Photos
my boyfriend :)♥ in my dreamsbut one day hes going to marrie me & where going to have kids & we are going to have a huge house with a swiming pool ♥ haha itsss ryan sheckler♥ wooh wooh hes amazing & famouse & sexy & a skater my type of man is what he is :) haha...

sooo this week as been prett good 5 more days till my birthday parrty it up bby ♥ i cant wait till i turn 14 :). wooh wooh wooh wooh :P. haha. :) me & byron broke up because supoibly i cheated on him [haha yeah right] but thats boys for you worthless :) exept the hot & nice ones thoseare keepers :) haha. jk all boys are jerks & the hot & nice ones are all gay but ryan sheckler & lil wayne :) & all the other hot raps & skaters haha.
welll i just thought i wuould blog keep you updated :)


Thursday, November 6, 2008

some much stuff...SO LiTTLE TiME :)

10 MORE DAYS TiLL MY BiiRTHDAY ♥ woot-woot. lol. :) i just had to put that put there. :p. well im dating byron snelbaker again.. for the 3rd time :P. but i really like him sooo.. its worth it :). hehe. mats been coming over & where going to go get family pictues.. but chloe didnt have her hair d one yesterdau so we have to do it a different time :P..

i want to show you 2 of my bestiess. you have already saw lexi :P 34861923609 times but theses 3 girls got my back. haha. :)

thats me kayla a & kayla s.. the 2 kay-babys in my life that i would do anythign for. there will be new pictures on here soon of me the 2 kays & lexi so i could post it. :)..

this pictures was at a hotel party thingy we had. there was like 6 of us.

me-kayla-kayla-lexi-elizabeth-dasha-kendra-&shayla. :). DA BEST RiGHT THERE :). me the 2 kaylas & lexi & elizabeth & dasha are still friends buttt, kendra & shayla.. well lets say we talk to the every once in a while. :P. but that was still a night to remeber.. we got sooo close. dang.. i wish i could go back to that :). we swam went to walmart, stayed up because they wouldnt let us go to sleep. omg. then we played sharaids.. & thats when things went WiLD. :P. haha we put pieces of paper in a hat & had to pull it out & acted it ;; WOW. then.. if you sarted to fall asleep they would take giant twislers & WiP YOU WiTH THEM.. it hurt like noooo other. ohhhh && we had a hot tub in the room :). AGAiN WHERE DA BEST :). lol..

well this weekend i am going to mamaws house & we are going to have my birthday since i wont be there on my birthday weekend. :) woot woot. lol.. i cant wait i think i am getting a camerabecause ats all i really asked for but my mom oh my mom is getting me the best birthday present ever. i am getting my industraill pierced. :). its where you get a bar through you top cartlage in your ear and it goes through both sides. my mommys the best.. yeeah you wish you had a mom like me. haha.. & not better then my moms present my dad is geting me a new phone... yeah it will probably brake in a week since my dad gets me the cheep but phones lol.. but my moms i can have forever woot woot woot im danceing lol.. :).

well its getting late & im going to get offf.. i hope all you guys that are reading this are having a good night. :)..